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Mega Meat Box

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1 x pk of eight IQF Beef Burgers, 4 x 500g Minced Pork, 4 x 500g Diced Beef, 1 x Rack of Lamb, 1 x pk of four IQF Pork Steaks, 1.5Kg Pork Loin Joint, 2.3Kg Beef Rib Roast on the bone Joint, 2 x pk of two Gammon Steaks, 1.5kg Pork Leg Joint, 2 x pk of four Pork Burgers, 4 x pk of six Pork Sausages, 2 x pk of four Faggots, 4 x pk of six Back Bacon rashers, 2 x pk of two Pork Chops, 2 x pk of 500g Sausage meat