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Free delivery to your door, for residents of Montacute, Yeovil and surrounding villages.

At Windmill Agri our animals are treated with the highest welfare standards to produce local quality meat, at affordable prices.

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Pork Sales
frozen stock (fresh due 29/01/2021)

Our Oxford Sandy and Black rare breed pigs are out-door reared and free-range. They are individually reared, to exceptionally high welfare standards enjoying the good life.

With their characteristic toffee coloured coat with black spots or ‘splodges’ the Oxford Sandy Black is one of Britain’s most distinctive heritage breed pigs. They’re also known as the forest pig, for being excellent foragers, digging out roots to munch on. This natural diet ensures succulent pork, with concentrated flavour. Its also a dual purpose pig, offering not only excellent bacon and ham, but also flavoursome steaks, chops, and roasting joints.

Beef Sales
Fresh Currently Available

Our beef herd is grass fed, supplemented with a blend of our own crops to produce high quality marbled meat.

Cattle are bought onto the farm at a young age and bucket fed, until weaned into small groups.  They will stay in these groups, to minimise stress as they form a social connection in the herd.

They will graze large fields in the spring, summer and autumn to fulfil their natural desire to roam.  They eat the grass, the grass grows and absorbs carbon, whilst the cattle manure provides valuable nutrients to the ground.  In the winter they happily retreat to a large shed and feed on preserved grass (silage) with other crops from the farm, until the sun shines again.


We are excited to launch our own flour, milled from our wheat with a traditional granite grind stone.  The flour is very wholemeal, however we are improving the texture with the hope of launching a white flour soon.  We are learning all the time so please bear with us while we perfect; we have made several loaves of bread and the plain flour has made some great biscuits.


Flour - Windmill Agri

Pork Product Sales

Pork Products Sales - Windmill Agri

Pork Cut Sales

Pork Sales - Windmill Agri

Pork Joint Sales

Pork Joint Sales - Windmill Agri

Beef Cut Sales

Beef Cut Sales - Windmill Agri

Beef Joint Sales

Beef Joint Sales - Windmill Agri

Beef Steaks

Beef Steak Sales - Windmill Agri

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