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Pesticides & Rodenticides

Safe Application of Pesticides using Hand Held Applicator/Knapsack

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Earn a nationally-recognised qualification to use pesticides safely.

Overview in brief

Since 2015, anyone buying a pesticide authorised for professional use must obey a key legal requirement.

The law demands that the pesticide will be used either by the holder of a relevant certificate, or by a person working under the direct supervision of someone who holds one.

That's where our qualification comes in.

It's been developed in direct response to that legal requirement for pesticide use.

You'll earn a recognised qualification that reflects the national standards for the type of role you perform.

The finer details

Our qualification is available for learners aged 16+.

You'll develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the safe use and application of pesticides using hand-held equipment to be applied to land.

It's perfect for anyone new to the job.

It's also designed for people who have already established themselves in a pesticide-based role, or anyone working at technician/supervisory/management levels.

There is a mandatory unit you'll need to work on - Principles of the Safe Use and Application of Pesticides.  Click here to complete this course first.

You will require:- Pack Lunch, or a Co-op is within five-minute drive Type 5/6 spray suit, Wellington Safety Boots, Nitrile Long Chemical Gauntlet 0.5mm thick, 30cm long Full Face Visor 

Costs include LANTRA certification and use of our sprayer 

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